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Koekkoek Company believes in projects that meet marketing goals and incorporate a sustainable or social element. To create a bridge between profit and non-profit, where commerce and compassion meet. 

​Imagine the positive impact companies can create, with the same budget and means, just a 1% shift in approach.   

Diederick Koekkoek, Creative Partner.

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Koekkoek Company specializes in retail activation in the markets Telecom, IT and Consumer Electronics. For clients that 
range from local changemakers to worldwide market leaders. 

Concept. Copy. Co-creation:
- Local promotions
- National 360 campaigns
- Worldwide incentives & platforms

By implementing the 'We all Benefit' mindset and approach 
in both concept and execution, for smarter solutions with a benefit for all:  

- Company: Marketing goals & Image building.
- Co-workers: Engagement & Responsibility.  

- Consumers: Brand Experience & Loyalty. 
- Planet: Cradle to Cradle.  

Koekkoek Company Concept Copy Co Creation advertising agency amsterdam commerce meets compassion

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